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Mahavatar Babaji: An Ocean Of Grace to Man Kind (TRUE STORY)

About Mahavatar Babaji Date of Birth - No Birth. So No Death. He is a deathless yogi. He is not just a Nirmanakaya Yogis like...

Murcha pranayama: 13 Advantages and How to Master it? (VIDEO)

Murcha Pranayama Definition Murcha Pranayama is roughly translated in English as ocean breath or hissing breath.Murcha in Sanskrit is referred to as “Victorious” or “to...

Maha Vedha Mudra: Advantages and How to Perform it? (VIDEO)

Maha Vedha Mudra is roughly translated in English as the Great Piercing Seal.Maha Vedha Mudra in Sanskrit is a combination of three words, “Maha”...