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Acharya Prashant: A Civil Service to Self-realization

About Acharya Prashant Date of Birth - 7 March 1978.Place of Birth - Agra, India.State of Living? (Samadhi or Alive) - Alive and Exhuberant. Message to...

Nisargadatta Maharaj: Physical Dimension to Non-Physical through Yoga (MASTER)

About Nisargadatta Maharaj Date of Birth - 17 April 1897.Place of Birth - Mumbai.State of Living? (Samadhi or Alive) - Samadhi on 8 September 1981. Message...

7 Best Nisargadatta Maharaj Books to Understand Non-duality

Nisargadatta Maharaj Books always talks about the Truth directly no matter what. If you are a person who would like to know the inner...