Reiki Healing

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a combination of two words Rei means Universal life force and ki is energy. So, it is literally translated in English as “Universal Life Force Energy”.

It is considered to be one of the drugless therapies and pseudo-medicine.

Even though it might be not be considered as the alternative to the medicine but its effects are super clear and experiential.

Medical Science says that most of the human physiological and mental diseases are psychosomatic in nature.

That means the problem arises at the physical level due to the problems at the mental level.

Mind as the subtle aspect of the brain cannot be tracked through any physical media or medical or scientific devices.

However, the human energy system can be tracked through Kirlin or Aura Photography.

Reiki helps in cleansing the disease at the subtle level and it would take its time based on the intensity of the disease or suffering of the patient.

What is Aura?

Aura is a subtle level energy field which can not be perceived through any sensory perceptions.

It can only be felt based on the intensity of the human sensitiveness.

Can aura be tracked or felt in any way?

Below a video from Sadhguru will shed some light on Aura.

Aura Photography

Aura can be picturized using the device named “Kirlian Photography”.

According to Wikipedia, Kirlian photography is a technique for recording photographic images of corona discharges and hence, supposedly, the auras of living creatures.

Here is the example of Aura Photography of a person.

aura photography

Dr Mikao Usui - Reiki Founder

Let me give you a brief background on how does Reiki come into existence.

Mikao Usui did a spiritual practice for 21 days on Mount Kurama named a discipline of Prayer and Fasting. During these 21 days, he developed Reiki. In 1922 A.D he settled in Harajuku, Aoyama, Tokyo and started giving treatments and teach Reiki Ryoho.

In September of the 12th year 1923 A.D due to an earthquake a lot of people in the town had suffered, he went out every morning to treat and cure their pain of an innumerable number of people.

It has been recorded in Washington Post in 2014 that at least 60 hospitals in the United States offered Reiki at a cost of $40 to $300 per session.


Reiki Masters

Reiki has no authority including Mikao Usui. In fact, Usui used to teach and help people for free as it was a universal life force energy which is available to everyone.

Prominent patients who had come to Mikao Usui were Chujiro Hayashi and Takata.

There is a lot of misconceptions about the hierarchy. In fact, the original method by Dr. Usui did not create any hierarchy.

He used to teach in and out to the students. He called the advanced practitioners as Teachers.

Masters are the one who is able to create the symbols out of their inner wisdom and rigorous practice for many births.

Due to the ego-centric nature of the human mind, many hierarchies have been created and the order has created more confusion and tried to bring down the potential of the healing energy.

Nevertheless, the sincere pratitioners would definitely get benefited from the universal healing energy.

Reiki Symbols and Techniques

This energy channeling uses few symbols and there are many methods to heal yourself, heal others, and manifest your material and spiritual goals.

Reiki Healing Symbols

Reiki uses different symbols at a different level. Even though there are many pictures available outside this website and have no use in just seeing them unless you have been initiated into the practice of Reiki.

It is the most sacred healing method and we would like to not to reveal the symbols here as we feel it is not just for a curiosity purpose but to keep their sanity as it is.

However, if you are a sincere spiritual seeker or a healer you are bound to get initiated into the practice with a Reiki teacher.

Reiki Healing Techniques

There are many methods of healing individual physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma through reiki healing methods.

We have covered in depth about the practices in this post below.

How to do Reiki Healing?

A person who is been initiated into the divine spiritual practice of Reiki has to follow the 5 core Principles on a daily basis.

There are different levels that have been taught in different centers.

Mainly there are two levels.

One where the practitioner will be attuned to the divine energy of reiki.

It is just like an antenna fixed properly to receive the signals to display the channels on your Television.

Then after practicing daily for twice for about 6 months, the teacher would see your growth in all the aspects of your being be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Based on your sincere efforts and hard work and your need you will be given initiation to the teacher level.

Where you will be taught with much higher power handling capabilities and given a few more symbols to use during your practice.

Also, you are able to give initiations to other worthy recipients.

13 Amazing Benefits of Reiki

Some of the benefits you would reap over a period of regular, sincere, and mindful practice of Reiki energy channeling are listed below.

  • You become more mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions.
  • Old negative habit patterns will be replaced with positive ones.
  • You feel calm and content.
  • Anxiety and restlessness of the mind can be brought down.
  • You are able to manifest your goals be it material or spiritual.
  • A higher level of energy throughout the day.
  • You are able to sleep deeper than ever before.
  • The mind becomes more focused and energized.
  • You could sense the energies of others around you.
  • Higher levels of intelligence operate through you.
  • Mental and Emotional harmony will take place.
  • Physical ailments can be reduced over a period of time-based on the intensity of the suffering.
  • You feel more empathetic towards others and try to cope up with situations easily.

Disadvantages of Reiki

Just like any other pros and cons for a method, so does with the Reiki.

Reiki too has its disadvantages with respect to the spiritual practice.

Rather, it is more dependent on the person disabilities that make Reiki non-beneficial, not with the spiritual healing itself.

  • It requires faith, faith in the practice. It requires faith in your practice and results would come by soon or later. If you do not have faith, please do not get into this spiritual healing method.
  • The sensitivity of a person matters a lot while practicing Reiki. If you are less sensitive, you might give up this practice.
  • It takes more time based on the intensity of the suffering at different levels be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
  • If the patient you are healing is not willing, Reiki will have very little impact.
  • During manifestations using Reiki, if you rely upon only the energy, it is not going to work. You need to put your efforts into the physical realm to manifest the goals.
  • The person who tries to heal others should be pure at heart and mind, otherwise, it would impact negatively and downgrade both of their spiritual growth.
  • A person who tries to manifest any goals should have a clear mindset with the way he approaches in achieving the goal, amount of time he is willing to put in to, and the necessary skills and resources he has to achieve them. Reiki would help its goals manifest fast following the mentioned criteria.

Reiki Application

Reiki can be applied at different levels from healing to manifesting the goals to heal others and the world around you and inside you.

Reiki Self Healing

This spiritual practice of healing would emphases on Self-healing before trying with the advanced levels.

The more you heal yourself first before healing others would save both of you from the pitfall.

Remember, you are dealing with the energy, not at the gross level.

Reiki Touch Healing

Initially the practitioner would give an instruction to start off with touch healing using certain energy centers at the physical body.

Once he masters the art, he would then be able to increase his awareness and pranic energy in the system.

He will then move to the next levels where he can use reiki without needing to touch the energy points in the physical body.

This is much more effective than the previous method.

Reiki Distant Healing & Healing Others

As the name suggests, you are healing the others who are in a distant place from your place.

You can send the Reiki energy using the symbols taught in the sessions to heal the patients at a distance place.

We can find a lot of Reiki centers trying to ask money to heal others which is available free in the universe.

Please follow Reiki for your own well being first then start healing others where you are able to handle Karmas at the psychic and physical level.

Very Important Note of caution:

For a sincere spiritual seeker, this is an obstruction in his spiritual evolution. He as a soul came here to heal himself from his previous actions. Getting caught up with other’s karmas or actions can be dangerous.

Practitioner has to have a higher level of detachment to heal others and he should be a potent conduit of divine Reiki energy for that to happen, he has to be first cleansed from inside out.

Reiki for Manifestation

Reiki would help you manifest your material and spiritual goals provided you have proper time allotted to accomplish the goals at the physical level, necessary skills, resources, and patience to achieve your goal.

Reiki is a boon for the one who strongly believes in this spiritual healing energy which would remove the obstacles on the path of achieving your goals.

“It is better to focus on Spiritual Goals rather than the material goals. Material goals can never satisfy you whereas Spiritual Goals will never bring sorrow.“

Reiki Healing Sessions

You can start off with as less than as 20 minutes and can go up to 2 to 3 hours of healing sesions per sitting.

Free Reiki Healing

Reiki healing sessions will be conducted at your local place for free. Do a quick google search for more information on local centers to visit.

Do attend the free seminars on the introduction to Reiki. You can even sign up to our weekly newsletters to receive more information on various spiritual practices outside the focus of Reiki that have equal and more impact of healing energies.

Reiki Healing Facebook Groups

Here is a list of Reiki Healing Facebook Groups that would help you achieve your material or spiritual goals.

There are few genuine people and big-hearted ones who spend time to heal others for absolutely free of cost.

Do check out them for more information.

Reiki Healing – Facebook Groups List (Top)


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