Prajnatma: The Truth Behind and Beyond Your Thinking


Do you ever feel:

  • Bored
  • Agitated
  • Lost
  • Disappointed
  • Stressed Out
  • Not motivated to work
  • Making Money but Unhappy
  • Not Earning Money and unhappy
  • Unable to find Peace
  • Your mind is not listening to you
  • Struggling to find your purpose
  • Life is not happening the way you want

In Your Life?

Prajnatma eBook
  • Then this book is for you...


You are not the only one who is struggling on the path to the journey of the truth. So we do. Based on 6+ years of struggle we have got some insights that could help the seekers and non-seekers on the path. We have covered the topics and given you the techniques which we personally tested out and found results in this book.

NETI Techniques

We have given the time-tested techniques that would take you around 5 to 10 minutes to implement to see the results for yourself. These are scientific backed fool-proof techniques that anyone can adapt in their life to improve their personal, social, emotional, and economic well-being.

Mirror Principle

Mirror pinciple talks about two methods ‘The Path’ and ‘The Journey’ using them one can benefit with optimizing their usage of time and have optimum life experiences. You can literally save at least 2-3 hours every day implementing the strategies given in the book.

LEAP and QARS Framework

Being a Truth Seeker is a different ballgame altogether. It is difficult to live a life than it sounds. We being a truth seekers know the value of balancing personal life while pursuing the journey to the Truth. We have come up with 2 frameworks to help you find your passion and be in state of flow your both personal and spiritual life. LEAP helps you focus on building a better lifestyle that is suitable for your spiritual upliftment. QARS framework helps you overcome the hurdles on the path, major pitfalls to avoid and reach the goal in this very life based on research and teachings of various realized masters from different religious and cultural background.

Let's breakdown the mysteries of universe within and without!

Diving deep into the concepts of intangible and turn them into tangible bits of understanding.

What to expect?

Prajnatma eBook is largely a practically implementable one. This eBook starts from the fundamental principles of life to explain you the basic terminologies from a seeker perspective. Using these terminologies you would better understand the deeper concepts of material and spiritual life.

Remember even if you are not a seeker of the truth this has some nuggets that can be adapted to your life for your physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. We have focused on the points where one can manage their personal, professional, and spiritual life to the best of their abilities using the time-tested techniques that have got results in our personal life as a seekers. The overall idea of this eBook is help one to stand on their own feet with least or no support from the external circumstances, situations, and people.

This eBook has techniques from different religious backgrounds that has helped the masters in their own life to realize their true nature. We have also give you the frameworks on how to find your passion and earn from what you love to do. You have been given a technique to optimize your spiritual practices if you are already been initiated into any spiritual practices.

Prajnatma eBook

This is a time-tested 6+ years of experience of practical wisdom that you are getting at as less than as a piece of pizza. We need to sustain this platform so we have come up with this eBook. If you buy this eBook, we could manage this SoulPrajna platform to help other fellow human beings through the wisdom of masters and various spiritual practices from different cultural and religious background.

NOTE: These are just a glimpses of what you can get from this eBook. As the tag line says, truth behind and beyond your thinking, you need to read to discover it yourself. 

PSS: Once you buy this book, please take it like a medicine and go through each chapter and let the wisdom sink in your being. 🙂

May the divinity within each one of us help us to realize our true nature. Happy Reading! 🙂 _ /\ _ 

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