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About OM Swami

  • Date of Birth – 30 November 1979.
  • Place of Birth – Patiala, Punjab.
  • State of Living? (Samadhi or Alive) – Alive, Exhuberant and Ecstatic.

Message to the World

My achievement is not what I have,
My introduction is not what I do,
It is but who I am.
A nobody.

I sing I laugh I dance I clap,
A speck of dust in the infinite creation,
A vast ocean in the tiny dewdrop,
A Himalayan stream,
The still mountain,

I am That.

So are you.

Compassion is my religion and love, my only philosophy.

Path of Enlightenment

Tantra, Mantra, and Meditation.

How did OM Swami experience Enlightenment?

He practiced intense meditation and mantra sadhanas to experience the truth.

OM Swami's Guru?

Naga Baba.
naga baba

P.S: The image used here is for reference purpose only. Not the original guru image of Om Swami. Just to show the audience how Naga Babas look like.

Spiritual Practices OM Swami Followed

Om Swami practiced highly intensive meditation sessions and mantra sadhana in the woods after his material renunciation.

Some of the major sadhanas he did were spanning up to 22 hours per day for about 30 to 40 days.

Meditation –

He practiced the major 4 kinds of meditation.

Concentrative Meditation.
Contemplative Meditation.
Observant Meditation.
Mindful Meditation, and
Spirited Meditation.

Mantra Sadhana –

He practiced intense mantra sadhanas which bestowed him the grace of
the divine and the vision of the mother divine.


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Om Swami Enlightenment Experience:

“On the afternoon of 15th March 2010, I left for my spiritual journey. I went to Varanasi. By 18th March, I had found my guru 80 kilometers north of Varanasi in a little village. He initiated me into sannyasa on the 11th of April. My guru is a Naga saint, seventy-five years of age. I left his ashram four months later because I had renounced to seek my own truth; he wanted me to look after his properties and take his seat. I did not want to manage a “spiritual business”. I came to the Himalayas. Six kilometers further north of Badrinath on the way to Neelkanth, I found a suitable cave on a mountain summit called Narayana Parvata. It had a breathtaking view of several waterfalls, multiple water streams and the incomparable pristine purity of the Himalayas. I did two important sadhanas there.

Two months later, after completing my sadhanas, I went to the abode of Lord Jaganatha (Puri). I spent nearly two weeks in Orissa ineffectually searching for a suitable seaside location. I came back to the Himalayas. This time I selected an even more remote location in the Himalayan woods. I will vivify the place in detail some other time. In short, it was simply majestic. Regularly sojourned by such wild animals as deer, boars, bears and monstrous rodents, it had a splendid view. It was like Nature’s golf course. I started my sadhana there on the 19th of November. I came down for a day to send you folks an email on the 27th December before starting my most important sadhana on the 5th Jan. It lasted for 150 days. Meditation and related activities took 17 hours of time. I will elaborate more on that upon my return. With divine grace, it got completed successfully. In the last 100 days of my sadhana was complete isolation and solitude, even from my own thoughts. The outcome has left me fulfilled.

I can not give my present whereabouts. But I am happy and safe and in total bliss. The bliss that pervades my entire being almost all the time. I have learned to maintain my meditative state irrespective of the state of the world outside, at any point in time that is. I am moving onto the next and final destination of my spiritual journey.

My next and concluding sadhana is more a test than an actual sadhana. My core and mainstream sadhana is complete. I have found what I was looking for. It has dawned. I get it now. It is all crystal clear. I got an unambiguous vision of my deity on 13th Feb and then again on May 11. The extraordinary bliss that permeated my whole body thereafter stays with me all the time. I can go back into that experience anytime at will. A one-off fleeting experience that you can not replicate is of little use if any. If we have experienced something as a result of our efforts, we should be able to experience it repeatedly at will. If we have followed our approach systematically, the same experience should occur each time on providing the same conditions. Anyway, I will write more on it later after my return. After completing my concluding sadhana, I will come back and see you all. I will disclose my return date at the end of this email. Before that, I would like to share with you the essence of my findings. As follows:

Buddha propounded that there is no God or a supreme creator. Krishna declared that He is God. Einstein said that everything is the sum total of energy. Meera found her truth in Krishna, Ramakrishna Paramahansa in Kali, Tulsidasa in Rama, Sankaracharya in the formless and many others found there own versions of the truth. Most people agree that kama, krodha, ahamkara, etc are not good for them; why do they still engage in them? I wanted to experience my own truth. I am at a complete loss of words to put my experience and my current state in words.”

~ Om Swami


Disciple Experience about Om Swami’s Meditation Retreat:

Below is the testimonial on meditation retreat from the person who had attended it.

“If an individual wants to learn meditation, it is very important to learn correctly from the right Master. The three key elements which I am taking from this retreat are:

Different breathing exercises that channelize the energy which helps to concentrate during meditation.

Posture during meditation, critical aspect of meditation is the lucidity of the meditation session and finally how to deal with the wandering of the thoughts that bubble during meditation.

Primary and secondary virtues which are the basis of the meditation and different types of meditation. “
~ S T


A Million Thoughts book by Om Swami

The soul wants to go back to its source. This is the most fundamental law of nature, of creation and destruction: everything must return to its source. Our body may be temporary, our minds conditioned, our consciousness a weary traveler, but our soul knows where it belongs. That’s why every person at some point of time in their lives is forced to think about the meaning of their lives. Every one, who’s experienced even a minute of fulfillment, embarks on a journey greater than their individual existence. That journey could be the path of Einstein or the passion of Christ; it could be the path of Buddha or the moksha of Vedas.

We may have forgotten our true nature, but our soul – eternal and unblemished – wants to go home. Until you show it the way, the restlessness in life will not go away. No pleasure or relationship can offer you permanent fulfillment because we are all on a vacation, and we are missing home.

Meditation is going home. It is going back to your source, where you belong so that you are no longer what people tell you who you are, or what the world has made you to believe, or even what you think of yourself. Instead, it is to discover yourself, to get to your primal source from where bliss, happiness and joy flow constantly. It is to discover your original home, without the furniture of jealousy, covetousness, envy, hatred. A home with no walls of ego and anger. A place where your soul rests in peace, where consciousness flows unimpeded like the gentle Ganges murmuring on a sunny day.

This is an excerpt from the book a million thoughts by om swami.

OM Swami Best Quote

Ashram Details

  • Ashram Name – Sri Badrika Ashram.
  • Ashram Place – Shalamun, Himachal Pradesh 173223.
  • Phone Number – 098054 58219.

Meet Om Swami:


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