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Janusirsasana: How to do it the right way? (6 Benefits)


Janusirsasana Definition

Janusirsasana is a type of forward bending posture. Janusirsasana falls under sitting posture of asanas.

Sanskrit meaning of Janusirsasana is a head to knee touching asana.

Janu means Knee, sir means Head. So you will bending forward to touch your head to the knee.

Practioner Level

This is a basic level yogasana which can be performed by anyone who has just started off with yogasana.

It would take time to stretch your body to a stage where you head touches the knee. So be patient with the process.

You can use the yogasana mat suggested below and the yoga dress for your convenience.

Janusirsasana Effects

Janusirsasana strengthens your vertebral columns, and shoulders.

It will also help strengthen your hamstrings, and groin.

It’s main effect is on the back.

6 Scientific benefits of Janusirsasana

Below are the scientific benefits of uttanasa.

  • More Benfits for Preganant Women

Pregnant women can get highly benefited from this asana as it stretches the back and improves the stamina.

  • Sleep related problems

Sleep related problems such as insomnia will be resolved.

  • Stress Buster

If you have too much of strees this aasana will help you relive it.

  • Reduced Menstrual and menopausal disorders

As it’s effect is high in the reproductive organs, it cures the disorders related to menstrual and menopausal.

  • Soothes the Mind

Janusirsasana calms down the mind and give you a better clarity of mind.

  • Relaxes the Whole body

Since it is one of the most effective aasanas, it’s effect is on the whole body and relaxes the body.

  • Stimulate Kidneys and Liver

Janusirsasana stimulates the kidneys and liver.

  • Stretches Hamstrings and Shoulders

Janusirsasana helps in stretching hamstrings and shoulders too.

  • Get rid of depression

If you are a in a depression, Janusirsasana is a perfect asana for helping you come out of depression.

Preliminary Asanas

You can try doing Uttanasana, Baddha Konasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Vriksasana, Balasana, Supta Padangusthasana before doing this Janusirsasana.

How to do the Janusirsasana?

Here is a step by step procedure on how to do the Janusirsasana.

  • Sit comfortably on the floor or on your yoga mat with your spine erect.
  • Open your left leg and stretch out away from the hip joint. Take your right leg and in a way to touch your perinium.
  • Comfortably press the Right leg and knee to the ground so that you will be in a perfect balance.
  • Turn towards left leg so that your torso will be in right position.
  • Inhale deeply. While exhaling slowly bend your belly and torso up to top your head.
  • Stretch your arms up to stretch your body to bend further. Exhale completely and bend over to touch your head to knee.
  • Try to reach for your ankles or toes. Initial days will be tough. Take time. practice daily to reach to toe.
  • Be in that posture for a while holding your breath. Feel the energy flow from left leg to your whole back.
  • Release the pose and slowly inhale. While inhaling come back to the sitting position.
  • Stretch out your right leg and relax for few seconds.
  • Repeat the Janusirsasana with the right leg stretched out.

Pro Tip:

If you are beginner, you can use the yoga strap and try bending forward.

Once you become perfect at it, you can slowly increase your bending length till you reach the floor.

Till then try to use the yoga strap for your convenient.

Janusirsasana Video

Please do watch the below video for better clarity on the Janusirsasana on how to perform it.

Follow-up Asanas for Janusirsasana

You can do Paschimottanasana after doing Janusirsasana.

Check out the list of yoga asanas.

Note of Caution

Please check the note of caution section before you begin your spiritual practices.


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