Gyana Mudra

It is roughly translated in English as Knowledge Gesture.

Gyana Mudra in Sanskrit is a combination of two words, “Gyana” which is referred to as Knowledge and “mudra” is a seal.

It is also called as Chin Mudra.

Practitioner Level

This is a basic level mudra which can be performed by anyone at any time.

Mudras are not to be considered lightly, even though they might look very simple to do.

You can easily feel the subtle energy flow by performing the Mudras after perfecting the Yoga Asanas and Pranayamas for about 6-9 months.

Yoga Mudras are really helpful with the practice of meditational sessions and going deeper into the states of your consciousness.

Gyana Mudra Effects

Gyana Mudra can be performed to clear off your subconscious impressions and increase the efficiency of your consciousness which bestows upon the pure knowledge of the truth.

14 great benefits of Gyana Mudra

Gyana Mudra has a lot of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • It improves the pranic energy flow throughout your physical body.
  • It cures digestion related problems.
  • Gyana Mudra is the most often used mudra in Kundalini Yoga practice.
  • Most of the psychological disorders can be overcome with this mudra.
  • It Reduces the tension and helps you come out of the depression.
  • This will stimulate the air element (Vayu Tatva) in your body.
  • It will stimulate the pituitary gland which in turn helps with higher mental power.
  • This mudra will help improves the focus.
  • It increases memory power.
  • Prevents stress and anger.
  • This will excite the Root Chakra.
  • It prevents loss of the dissipation of energy during your meditation sessions.
  • Increase the sense of balance.
  • Your sleeping problems can be cured with this mudra.

Preliminary Asanas for Gyana Mudra

You can be in any of the comfortable sitting asana or postures such as Siddhasaana (Siddha Yoni Asana for Women) or Vajrasana or Padmasana.

In the worst case, you can sit crosslegged.

Even if that is not possible for you, you can sit on a chair with crossing feet.

Do checkout more on yogasanas.

How to do Gyana Mudra?

Here is a step by step procedure on how to do Gyana Mudra.

  • Sit comfortably on your yoga mat.
  • Take a few deep and slow breaths to relax your body.
  • Sit in any one of the Yoga Asana suggested above.
  • Touch the tip of your forefinger with the tip of your thumb finger.
  • Open up your other three fingers.
  • Keep this mudra for about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • You can close your eyes to be in a meditative state for maximum benefit.
  • Practice this mudra daily for reaping the benefits.

Gyana Mudra Video

Please do watch the below video for better clarity on applying the mudra.

Follow-up mudra for Gyana Mudra

You can do any of the 34 mudras after Gyana Mudra. Do check out them for more information on list of all Mudra types.

Note of Caution

Please check the note of caution section before you begin your spiritual practices.


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