Shat Kriya

Shat Kriyas are advanced level spiritual practices. You will reap the benefits only if you are a sincere spiritual practitioner from at least 2-3 years. You would truly notice the changes that these Shat Kriyas bring to your life. However, this is required only for the few people who are not yet prepared for long sessions of meditational practices.


Kapalabhati: Perceive the non-perceivable (BENEFITS & VIDEO)

Kapalabhati Definition Kapalabhati is roughly translated in Skull Shinning Kriya. Kapalabhati in Sanskrit is a combination of two words, Kapala which is referred to as “Skull”...

3 Nauli Techniques to Cleanse & Energise Your Solar Plexus Chakra [VIDEO]

What is Nauli? Nauli is one of the Hatha Yoga Kriyas known as Shatkarmas. It comes the root word Nala or Nali that means ‘hallow stalk’. It...