Advanced Spiritual Practices

Advanced Spiritual Practices are for the sincere truth seekers who would love to acquire a lot of energy and harness it in a more productive way be it for Material Growth or the Spiritual Growth. Follow the suggested practices to unlock the true potential of human life from within.


Kapalabhati: Perceive the non-perceivable (BENEFITS & VIDEO)

Kapalabhati Definition Kapalabhati is roughly translated in Skull Shinning Kriya.Kapalabhati in Sanskrit is a combination of two words, Kapala which is referred to as “Skull”...
Neti Kriya - Spiritual Prajna

Neti Kriya: Cleanses Your Energy System Across Eyes, Ears, and Nose

What is Neti? Neti is an important Hatha Yoga Kriya, which is one of the shatkarma kriyas.Neti is used to clean the air passageways in...

3 Nauli Techniques to Cleanse & Energise Your Solar Plexus Chakra [VIDEO]

What is Nauli? Nauli is one of the Hatha Yoga Kriyas known as Shatkarmas.It comes the root word Nala or Nali that means ‘hallow stalk’.It...
Gyana Mudra

Gyana Mudra: How to Perform it? Video Guide (10+ Advantages)

It is roughly translated in English as Knowledge Gesture.Gyana Mudra in Sanskrit is a combination of two words, “Gyana” which is referred to as...