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Buddha: From royal life to a realized life (TRUE STORY!)


About Gautama Buddha

  • Date of Birth – 480 BCE.

  • Place of Birth – Lumbini, Nepal.

  • Parents – Śuddhodana, Maya.

  • State of Living? (Samadhi or Alive) – Samadhi on 400 BCE.

Message to the world from Buddha:

Sakhyamuni Buddha taught the very gist of the philosophy of the Vedas to one and all without distinction, he taught it to the world at large, because one of his great messages was the equality of man. Men are all equal. No concession there to anybody!

Path of Enlightenment

Ashtanga Yoga.

How did Gautama Siddhartha Buddha reach Nirvana?

Through Meditation Buddha attained Nirvana (Satori – A state of oneness with the universe).

Gautama Buddha’s Guru Name:

Alara Kalama.

Alara Kalama’s brief introduction::

Alara Kalama was a hermit saint and a teacher of ancient meditation. He was the specialist of Samkhya philosophy. According to the Pāli Canon scriptures, he was the first teacher of Gautama Buddha.


Brief Introduction to the Spiritual Practice Buddha followed:

He followed intense meditation (Witness Meditation) to realize his true nature.




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Gautama Buddha’s Enlightenment Experience:

When he realized release from samsara, the awakened Buddha exclaimed,

“House-builder, you’re seen! You will not build a house again. All your rafters are broken, the ridge pole destroyed, gone to the Unformed, the mind has come to the end of craving.” [Dhammapada, verse 154]

~ Gautama Buddha

Here is a wonderful video on Gautama Buddha’s Enlightenment Story. Do watch it.

Buddha’s Disciple Ananda’s Nirvana Experience:

Here is a fascinating story of Ananda, Buddha’s foremost disciple, and a cousin brother nirvana experience.

“After the Buddha’s final Nirvana five hundred enlightened monks convened a Council at Rajagaha for the purpose of collecting all the Buddha’s teachings and committing them to memory so they could be handed down to future generations.

Because Aananda knew so much Dhamma it was essential that Ananda be present, but he was not yet enlightened. Now that he no longer had to look after the Buddha’s needs, he had more time to meditate and so he began to practice with exceptional diligence, hoping that he could attain enlightenment before the Council started. As the time for the council’s commencement got closer, he practiced harder and harder.

During the evening before the council, he sat meditating, convinced that he would not be able to attain enlightenment by the next morning. So he gave up and decided to lie down and sleep.

As his head touched the pillow he became enlightened.”




Noble Eight Fold Path of Buddha:

Buddha taught 8 fold path to nirvana. Below are the ones he taught:

  1. The Right View.
  2. The Right Intention.
  3. The Right Speech.
  4. The Right Conduct.
  5. The Right Livelihood.
  6. The Right Effort.
  7. The Right Mindfulness.
  8. The Right Concentration.

What did Buddha mean by right view?

Knowledge about the cause of suffering, knowledge to end the cause of suffering, knowledge to the way of the path to end the suffering.

What did Buddha mean by right intention?

Right intention can also be called as “right thought”. Understanding the right view, one should be able to differentiate between the right intention and the wrong intention. One should be resolved to be free from the ill will is what right intention will teach you.

What did Buddha mean by right speech?

One should always keep themselves from lying and ill speech. One should make the best use of their speech and abandon false speech and always speak the truth.

What did Buddha mean by right conduct?

Never hurting others, criticizing others, well behaving, are the right conduct. One should never conduct any actions that may harm others.

What did Buddha mean by right livelihood?

One should never choose living where his way of living may directly or indirectly harm others.

What did Buddha mean by right effort?

Right effort can also be called “right endeavor”. One should always try to take any action on the goodwill of people.

What did Buddha mean by right mindfulness?

People must constantly keep their mind to phenomena that may affect the body and mind. This means one must be aware of their thoughts, words, and action.

What did Buddha mean by right concentration?

Right concentration teaches people to concentrate and focus one thing or object at a time. Thus leading a quiet and peaceful mind.

The prolonged state of concentration leads to meditation.

On following these 8 Noble Eightfold Path, one can attain “nirvana”.

Gautama Buddha's Best Quote

Gautama Buddha Spiritual quote Soulprajna

Himalayan Meditation Center:

  • Place – 1905 Restaurant & Suites Narayan Chaur, Naxal, Kathmandu
  • Website – https://fpmt-hbmc.org/
  • Contact Number – https://fpmt-hbmc.org/contact/
  • Latest Events – https://fpmt-hbmc.org/events/


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