Bhramari Pranayama Definition

Bhramari Pranayama is roughly translated in English as humming bird sound of a bee breathing. Bhramari in Sanskrit is referred to as “Bumble Bee”. Brahmari breathing is also called as bee breathing.

Practioner Level

This is advanced level pranayama which can be performed by anyone.

You need to limit the number of breaths to 5 maximum as a beginner.

Over a period of time, you can increase the number of breaths.

Bhramari Pranayama Effects

Bhramari Pranayama main focus is to keep the body warm and the mind cool.

15 Amazing Bhramari Pranayama Benefits

Below are the scientific benefits of Bhramari Pranayama.

  1. Bhramari pranayama will help control the blood pressure.
  2. Increases concentration power.
  3. The mind becomes free of thoughts.
  4. Bhramari pranayama Impacts the brain with a soothing effect.
  5. Hypertension gets relieved.
  6. Bhramari pranayama will give you instant relief from the stress and anxiety.
  7. It will build confidence.
  8. Bhramari pranayama helps in prolonged states of meditation.
  9. This will also cure paralysis and migraines.
  10. If you are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, this is the best pranayama to do to cure the problem.
  11. One of the best pranayamas to shoot up the kundalini from the root.
  12. You can improve your memory power with bhramari pranayama.
  13. Bhramari will help you dissipate the anger.
  14. This is very useful in activating the third eye chakra or at the gross level manifestation third eye called pituitary gland in the brain.
  15. If you are suffering from sleep, this will help you have a sound sleep.

Sitting Asanas for Bhramari Pranayama

You can sit in any of the sitting asana such as Padmasana, Siddhasana, Vajrasana etc before doing Bhramari Pranayama.

If you do not want to sit in any of the asanas mentioned above, you can sit in the most comfortable asana called sukhasana.

How to do Bhramari Pranayama?

Here is a step by step procedure on how to do Bhramari Pranayama.

  • Sit in a comfortable asana or posture.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep and long breaths to relax your whole body.
  • Close your both ear lids with your both thumbs respectively.
  • Above your eyebrows place your index finger.
  • Rest of your fingers over your eyes with your middle fingers.
  • Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose.
  • Use your fingers and apply a gentle pressure on the sides of your nose to not to allow the breath to move in from outside.
  • Focus your attention on the third eye or at the center of your eyebrows.
  • Shut your mouth and release the pressure from the nose while slowly exhaling and making a humming sound of Om.
  • You can initially begin this bhramari pranayama practice with less than 5 times.
  • Once you have good control over your breath, you can slowly increase the count.

Bhramari Pranayama Video

Please do watch the below video for better clarity on the pranayama on how to perform it.

Follow-up Pranayama for Bhramari Pranayama:

You can do any of the pranayamas mentioned below.

Do check out each of them to know in detail about the pranayamas.

Note of Caution

Please check the note of caution section before you begin your spiritual practices.


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