Acharya Prashant

About Acharya Prashant

  • Date of Birth – 7 March 1978.
  • Place of Birth – Agra, India.
  • State of Living? (Samadhi or Alive) – Alive and Exhuberant.

Message to the World

Creation of a new humanity through Intelligent Spirituality. His teaching method was to bring about a deep transformation in human consciousness.

Path of Enlightenment

The Path of Advaita.

How did Acharya Prashanth experience Enlightenment?

“Enlightenment is not one event, one thing, one experience. It is a series of Enlightenments that you are continuously going through. It is continuously beginning and never coming to an end. That is why it’s foolish to say that one is enlightened. One is in the process of enlightening and every subsequent enlightenment is more fulfilling than the previous one. The previous one was perfect and this one is better than perfect. That’s the magic.”

~ Acharya Prashanth

Spiritual Practices Acharya Prashanth Followed

He did not follow any spiritual practices as such.

Below quote from his suggests the same:

“Spirituality is not the renunciation of life; it is the art of living fully.’

~ Acharya Prashant


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The role of a guru by Acharya Prashanth:

Acharya Prashant says that suffering is the way to realize the god as Shri Ramana Maharshi said long back.

Based on the nature of suffering you are going to get a guru.

About Enlightenment by Acharya Prashanth:

“Enlightenment is a myth”.

~ Acharya Prashant

Read more about the wonderful articles on enlightenment here:

Disciple Experience about Acharya Prashant’s Meditation Session

“Acharyaji’s MTM sessions are not just question and answer session where you are asking and the speaker is answering. It is far more and beyond that. Acharyaji’s presence itself has very calming effect on the mind. Suddenly you realize your questions are disappearing, when he responds to your question you feel he has even answered all those questions which you have not asked yet. It is difficult not to be touched by his grace even through online session.”

~ Alok Bhute


An Excerpt from the Book of Myths by Acharya Prashant

Myth of Positive Thinking

“Forget positive thinking; reality is the highest positivity.”

~ Acharya Prashanth

Question: What is positive thinking?

Acharya Prashanth: I write something on this blackboard in a langauge that you do not understand, and the positive thinker gets up and says, ‘Surely, something wonderful about me has been written on the board”. The negative thinker gets up and says, “Surely, it is written that tomorrow I am going to die.” Is it possible to determine which of these two is the bigger idiot? It is very difficult to say. The positive thinker is not concerned with the truth, neither is the negative thinker. Both are just speaking out what is already there in their minds, and this will keep both of them deluded.

What we commonly call as ‘positive thinking’ has no value. What we commonly call as ‘positive thinking’ is just a projection of our own thoughts upon the situation, and that does not help. It may create a make belief, a dream-like world, but dreams do not help. Reality helps. Clear understanding of what is there, that helps.

What would be better: If I do not know what is written on the board, should I think positively? or should I try to know, without thinking about it when I do not know it? I must make all efforts to really understand, and that cannot happen if I keep sitting and thinking about it, because my thought is limited by my past, I cannot go beyond that. I will only think as much as I already know.

Do you understand this? Can you think of things that are totally unknown to you? You cannot! If I ask you to think about the Spanish language, can you think? Your thinking is limited by your knowledge, your past, your experiences, that which you have already gathered.

Even what you call as positive is again determined by where you stand. The same happening will be very, very positive for one person and very negative for another person, won’t it be?

Acharya Prashant Best Quote

acharya prashanth quote

Books by Acharya Prashanth

Here is a list of 10 liberating books by Acharya Prashant has written on Myths of Enlightenment, Yoga, Sex, Spirituality and more. Do check out for more details.

Go through this video to decide which kind of books you should read.

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